2018 Juliana Joplin C-S

Part enduro racer, part trail-bike, the Joplin is designed for one thing: fun. “As in the uncontrollable-giggling-spontaneous-high-fiving kind of fun,” the Juliana website says.

It’s designed to work just as well riding rowdy trails in the South Hills as it would during a traveling Enduro race at Silver Mountain or Targhee. The CC frame is just as strong as the C-level frames, but weighs up to a half a pound less, giving riders the extra bit of advantage for the climb.

Equipped to run either 27.5+ or 29” wheels, a Fox 34 Float Performance Elite fork, and a 12-speed SRAM cassette, the Joplin is ready to hit the trails whenever you are!

Price: $4799.00