For more than 30 years, Great Divide Cyclery has provided the city of Helena with a fun, friendly atmosphere for top-notch bicycle purchasing and maintenance.

Opened in April 1984 by Eric Grove, the shop was purchased by its current owner, Daniel Barry on April Fool’s Day 2014. In 2016, Great Divide Cyclery made the official merge with its neighbor, and custom-bike-building partner shop, The Garage. “The two shops compliment each other,” Dan said. “You can’t have one without the other.”

Great Divide is a licensed Specialized and Santa Cruz dealer and stocks a wide array of fully built bicycles for riders of all ages, from 2-year-olds on up! We try not to cater to any one rider demographic, and carry full lines of kids bikes, mountain bikes, and gravel grinders to suit cyclists of all styles and sizes.

Dan has been working in bike shops since 1996 and grew up racing road bikes before he started racing mountain bikes more recently. “I love introducing people to bikes, because it’s something I love so much,” he said. Regardless of your style, there’s no doubt we’ll be able to find the perfect bike for you!

That being said, we here at Great Divide Cyclery have a big focus on community, and Helena is definitely a mountain biking town. Stop in to try out a mountain bike for yourself of the kids and start tearing it up on the South Hills trails today!

Daniel Barry, Owner

Dan may not have purchased Great Divide Cyclery until 2014, but he’s had a passion for bikes his entire life. He started working in his first bike shop in 1996, while he was in high school racing road bikes at the time, and has been wrenching away ever since.

His favorite part of owning the shop is bringing the joy of biking to others, and hoping to spark in them the same passion that burns inside of him. “I love introducing people to bikes, because it’s something I love so much.”

When he’s not busy running the shop or orchestrating Milkshake Fridays for his epic staff, Dan rides and races mountain bikes in Montana. He enjoys riding in Helena’s South Hills and shredding hard in the Montana Enduro Series, taking third overall in the 2017 Pro series.

Cole Johnson, General Manager

If you’ve ever been into The Garage, then you’ve likely seen Cole Johnson. With over 10 years of experience at the shop, Cole serves as the head mechanic on The Garage side. He went to school for welding and machining but has harbored a passion for mountain bikes since one of Steve Coen’s (the original owner of The Garage) best friends was his babysitter as a youngster.

“We would always visit Steve (who was working at GDC at the time), and go on rides while he baby sat me,” Cole said.

That led to the natural progression of Cole working for Steve in the early years of The Garage. “I absolutely love workingin the bike shop,” he said. “Fixing things has always been a passion of mine. The bike shop is a very chill atmopshere and typically a place where people like to hang out, which makes the job fun.”

Cole is a mountain biker, through and through. He loves riding on the trails around Helena, his favorite being Muskrat Creek in Boulder.

“The feeling when you ride a bike is unlike anything else I can think of,” he said. ” To me, total freedom is riding a bike.”

When he’s not on a bike, Cole’s passions include hunting, fishing, backpacking, DJing/underground House music, and fidget spinners.

What he rides: Transition Carbon Scout/Santa Cruz Carbon V10 CC

Dream ride: Whistler with all of his friends

Keenan Cox, Bike Mechanic, Sales

Keenan has only been at the shop for about a year and a half, but ask him anything, because this guy is a walking bicycle encyclopedia. The Helena native moved back in 2014 after studying photojournalism in Missoula. When he returned, he was working as a brewer for the Blackfoot River Brewing Company in town when he decided to try biking as a way to stay in shape for ski season.

“I was hooked almost immediately,” he said. “I love the adrenaline rush and meeting with other riders from the community.” He began racing in the Montana Enduro Series and after becoming a shop regular, officially joined the team in May of 2016.

Keenan approaches bikes like he approaches all of his passions: with a feverish thirst for knowledge. He’s your guy if you’re wondering about which type of bike is best for your type of riding or simply just trying to navigate the seemingly endless sea of bike-related information out there. He will steer you in the right direction, guaranteed.

His favorite rides around town are Muscrakt Creek in Boulder, Brooklyn Bridge, and Show-Me-The-Horse in Helena. When he’s not out riding, Keenan enjoys skiing, building functioning scale replicas of NASA rockets, and a good craft beer.

What he rides: Knolly Warden/Santa Cruz V10

John Koenck, Bike Mechanic

Becky Weninger, Shop Accountant