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What type of lights are best?

If you can tell us how and where you'll ride at night, we can recommend the perfect light or system. For example, for occasional evening rides or commuting on good roads lit by streetlights, most people do fine with a clip-on front headlight combined with a rear flasher (see video). This simple and inexpensive solution ($25 to $50) provides adequate road illumination while also making you visible to motorists. If you dislike disposing of the dead AAA or AA alkaline batteries these lights usually require, you can substitute rechargeable ones that you won't have to toss when they fade.

On the other end of the lighting spectrum are rechargeable systems that provide so much brightness and battery life that you could easily tackle a 3-hour singletrack at midnight with no moonlight. Of course, these systems can cost considerably more ($50 to $400+) than simpler models, but they're the best choices if you ride regularly for an hour or more on and/or off road in low-light conditions (the worse the road and trail conditions and the faster your pace, the more you'll appreciate additional brightness).

Most are easily mounted and removed, come with several power settings so you can manage battery life by selecting the most appropriate brightness for the lighting conditions, and are rugged enough to withstand heavy use. Visit our store to discuss your needs and try out some of our excellent lighting solutions. You'll be impressed.


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