Care and Feeding of your new bike

Congratulations on your new bike purchase! It has been designed, built, and fitted to deliver an exceptional ride experience however bikes are not maintenance free and require some basic care and feeding. Here is a list of basic things you need to consider to ensure optimum performance.

Basic Maintenance

1. Proper Tire Pressure - You should check tire pressure weekly and a good floor pump with an accurate gauge will go a long way toward making this an easy task. Recommended tire pressure is clearly embossed on the sidewall of your tire and you should follow those guidelines.

Generally speaking mountain bike tires range in pressure from 35-80 psi. Running lower pressure improves traction and control in trail riding situations. Higher pressure is best for on-road applications.

Road bike tires usually range from 80-120 psi. Follow those recommendations.

2. Chain Lubrication - A dry chain will shift poorly and cause premature wear to the drivetrain. An over-lubed chain will attract dirt and road grime also causing premature drivetrain wear. The trick is to let chain noise be your guide and lubricate sparingly when you hear the first hint of a squeak when pedaling. Avoid aerosol sprays and use squeeze-on lubricants designed for bike chains.

3. Cleaning - Clean the frame and drivetrain using a mild detergent or biodegradable degreaser. It's fine to use a garden hose to rinse the bike but never use high pressure systems. Dry and re-lubricate the chain when finished. Chain cleaners are a convenient way to keep the chain clean and functioning properly.

4. Replacement Parts - It is normal and you should expect to replace some parts in the first year or two of use. The chain, brake pads, tires, and bottom bracket bearings can, depending on a wide variety of factors, require replacement in your first season. Failure to replace worn parts can result in damage to other systems and costly repairs. Although it's not a guarantee your best insurance is to have your bike professionally tuned every year.

Warranty Service

We provide our new bike customers with adjustments to all major systems of the bike at no charge during the first year of ownership. We highly recommend you bring the bike in for an initial check up after the first month of use. We also provide one, full tune-up at the end of your first year of ownership.

Please note; It is your responsibility to take advantage of warranty service in your first year of ownership. We will not extend that service beyond one year from date of purchase regardless of frequency of use, forgetfulness, etc.