Montana Enduro Series Final Overall Rankings

Now in its fourth year, the 2017 Montana Enduro Series featured four races and a bonus race at mountains all over Montana and its neighboring states. The Helenduro was first, followed by The Loloduro, then the bonus North American Enduro Cup, The Grand Enduro and finally, last weekend’s Lone Peak’s Revenge.

In enduro races, racers are timed for the downhill portions of the course, but have to ride un-timed uphill transfer sections between their timed stages. Some races were nearly 20 miles long and challenged riders on a vast array of terrain. The winners of the overall 2017 Montana Enduro Series are as follows:

Pro Male:
1st Place: Christopher Brule (Season Score: 455)
2nd Place: Tim Crandall (422)
3rd Place: Daniel Barry (415)

Pro Female:
1st Place: Alicia Leggett (560)
2nd Place: Tara Wilson (510)
3rd Place: Porsha Murdock (380)

Master’s Male:
1st Place: William Martin (484)
2nd Place: Mark Weirich (432)
3rd Place: Charles Honea (374)

Master’s Female:
1st Place: Erika Montgomery (350)
2nd Place:
Deanna DeWire (200)
Robin Lyons (200)

Expert Male:
1st Place: Michael Grimland (510)
2nd Place: Matt Lessmeier (432)
3rd Place: Andrew Gutknecht (424)

Expert Female:
1st Place: Kathryn Egnew (504)
2nd Place: Josie Grigsby (460)
3rd Place: Cortney Senecal (444)

Sport Male:
1st Place: James Farrugia (516)
2nd Place: Pat Haggerty (500)
3rd Place: Adam Rutz (452)

Sport Female:
1st Place: Sarah Knobe (290)
2nd Place:
Eva Culpo (200)
Megan Glinn (200)
Morgan Shippen (200)

Junior Male:
1st Place: Kai Bauer (600)
2nd Place: Triston Merrill (504)
3rd Place: Aidan Steinbach (490)

Junior Female:
1st Place: Ellie Dunn (200)
2nd Place: Emma Beaver (180)
3rd Place: Courtney Merrill (160)

Posted on August 17th, 2017