Montana Enduro Series – Round 5 – Lone Peak’s Revenge

The morning of the fifth and final race of the 2017 Montana Enduro Series began cool and wet as racers took to the 14.1 mile course around 9 a.m. With over 3,100’ of climbing and 6,500’ of gnarly descents in beautiful Big Sky, Montana, Lone Peak’s Revenge did not disappoint.

With rain rolling throughout Saturday night and the day Sunday, the dirt was prime for ripping and the course was in rad shape!

Riders began on the flowy South Fork and Coolridge trails in Stage 1 before transferring up to the Andesite summit to begin Stage 2. After dropping in off of a natural shale section from the actual summit, the course dropped into the steep and infamous Revenge trail for Stage 2. Riders enjoyed a short third transfer up the Swiftcurrent lift to ride Stage 3 on Big Sky’s “Yogi’s.” After bombing through steep sections of rock and trees, riders transferred up the South Road to Jacob’s Ladder for Stage 4.

Jacob’s Ladder gave riders a steep, narrow start before turning onto Hollywood for steeper, even rockier terrain. Stage 4 finished on Buffalo Jump to Soulhole giving riders the chance to open up in the more flowy bottom sections of the mountain. After a short, final transfer up Swiftcurrent, riders tackled the queen of all stages in Stage 5: Black Rock Gully, to Nameless, to Rabbit Run. This final stage featured a raw alpine start, a rough and rocky middle, and a fast, flowy finish to the base area.

As one of the most technical races in the series, Lone Peak’s Revenge gave riders a run for their money. Race results are as follows:

Lone Peak’s Revenge:

Junior Male (short course minus Stages 1+2):
1st Place: Triston Merrill (24:16)
2nd Place: Aidan Steinback (24:48)
3rd Place: Jack Lovely (25:19)

Junior Female: no racers

Sport Female:
1st Place: Meg Harrison (46:18)
2nd Place: Danielle Rovira (48:51)

Sport Male:
1st Place: John Faunce (32:37)
2nd Place: Jeff Pfeil (32:39)
3rd Place: Adam Rutz (34:00)

Expert Female:
1st Place: Melissa Mattson (38:05)
2nd Place: Claire Danger (39:49)
3rd Place: Sydney Deamarais (41:36)

Expert Male:
1st Place: Matt Lessmeier (32:18)
2nd Place: Tommy Gwinn (33:01)
3rd Place: Andrew Gutknecht (33:15)

Master’s Female:
1st Place: Erika Montgomery (46:33)

Master’s Male:
1st Place: Randy Schrauder (32:01)
2nd Place: Gary Randall (32:45)
3rd Place: Mark Weirich (34:04)

Pro Female:
1st Place: Kendra Harper (36:50)
2nd Place: Tara Wilson (36:54)
3rd Place: Mason Griffin (43:22)

Pro Male:
1st Place: Branham Snyder (29:25)
2nd Place: Alex Chamberlin (30:02)
3rd Place: Joey Wykoff (30:42)

Posted on August 17th, 2017